Do you draw comics, sci-fi, fantasy, manga, game art or similar stuff? Then you should show off your talent at OH!CON!

There are two ways to get involved:

OH!CON gallery

There’ll be a gallery area in the main event space showcasing sci-fi, fantasy and comic artwork created in the Western Isles.

Getting your artwork displayed in the gallery is as simple as emailing it to us along with a few details, but read the gallery guidelines first!

We will print out your artwork and display it in the gallery, together with your name. See the information on printing.

There’ll be recognition, and quite possibly some prizes, for the best artworks in the gallery. 

Artists’ alley

There’ll also be an area in the main event space for artists to sit alongside their artwork, allowing OH!CON attendees to meet them. 

If you want to display original artwork and to be able to chat about it with people, or even draw live at the event, then this is the option for you.

This will be a shared area with limited space, so if you are interested, get in touch (sooner is probably better than later). 


Gallery guidelines

We’re a comic con, so we’re not looking for portraits of pets or paintings of bowls of fruit (unless they are alien pets or fruit with superpowers, of course).

We want artwork that is sci-fi, fantasy, superhero or comic-based. It can be a standalone illustration or a comic. You can create it in any medium - pencils, pens, Photoshop, CGI, whatever, but you'll need to send it to us digitally (so you may need to scan or photograph it, if your original is on paper).

IMPORTANT! OH!CON is a family event, so please keep this in mind when submitting – your artwork must be suitable for a family audience. 

We don’t want to stomp all over your creativity, but in broad terms this means:

  • No graphic violence – you can depict fights, just don’t go over the top. A brawl will probably be okay; blood, bones and body parts everywhere, not so much.
  • No overt nudity/sexual imagery - if you wouldn’t get it out on the bus, it’s unlikely to be suitable to include in your submission 
  • No swearing (if your artwork includes speech bubbles or other wording)

Basically, if you could show it on the telly at teatime, it’ll probably be fine for OH!CON.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, our decision is final on what is too bloody, too fleshy or too potty-mouthed. Yes, it’s draconian, but that’s the rule.

If you’re not sure if your work will be suitable, send us a sample or tell us what you’re thinking and we’ll help.


I draw fan art of characters and scenes from movies, comics,tv and so on. Can I submit that?

Absolutely. you can!

I design maps. characters sheets, boards for games and similar stuff. Can I submit those?

Yes. you can.

Do I have to be a professional artist?

What? No, definitely not! Everyone can submit artwork for the gallery.

I'm prolific! I want to submit more than 4 pieces. Can I do that?

We're limiting submissions to four per person so that everyone has a chance to display work. If you submit more, let us know which are your favourites or if you are happy for us to choose. If there is space on the day, we may display extra pieces, but we're not promising anything!


How to submit for the OH!CON gallery

The gallery is open to anyone living in the Western Isles or anyone attending OH!CON in person.

You can send up to 4 illustrations or 4 pages of a comic (or a combination, up to a total of 4 pieces). 

Email your artwork to us as high quality jpg or pdf – one page or illustration per file, please. 

Include your name and the title of each piece of artwork (if applicable). If you create your artwork under a different name than your own, make sure to tell us so we display the right name in the gallery!

If you have a website or social media channel for your artwork and would like to publicise that alongside your submisssions in the gallery, include details of that too.

We’re not promising anything, but it’s very likely there’ll be some sort of prizes for the best pieces of artwork, so tell us if you are up to 11yrs12 to 17yrs,  18 to 25yrs, or over 25yrs (or if you’re just doing this for fun and you’d prefer not to be considered for a prize).

Send your submission to: . If you can include ‘gallery’ in the subject line, that’d be really helpful (but we’ll still find your submission in the mail pile even if you don’t do this). We'll send you a confirmation so you know your artwork has reached us, but this may take a few days, so don't panic if you don't hear from us immediately.

If you can’t submit your artwork by email or if you prefer to supply your own printouts for the gallery, get in touch with us at and we'll try to sort something out for you.

Closing date for submissions

Make sure your submission reaches us before 9am, Wednesday October 26th 2022. Anything received after this may not make it into OH!CON.

About the printing

So that we can display as many artists as possible, we may have to limit the maximum size of artwork in the gallery. If there is high demand for space in the gallery, we may reduce large artwork to A4 (297mm x 210mm) when printing it. 

We’ll try to print your artwork at the highest quality we can, but we can’t guarantee that the reproduction will be perfect (colours in particular can be difficult to match exactly from screen to print).