Meeting notes (August 18)

General updates

Sadly, Rik Carranza cannot make 29 October, but he was very supportive of OH!CON and would like to be asked again in future.  We are still looking for an MC. (Depending on who we get, we may be able to afford another guest - thanks to Calum for the suggestion on this.)

The DeLorean is also not available for 29 October, but we have a potential Mad Max car that might be available. 

Still looking for a face painter.

It was noted that we would need to apply for a licence for the raffle – Kathleen to organise and check if any other licences will be required.

Kevin, film programmer for An Lanntair, has asked for suggestions for the evening film screened at An Lanntair on 29 October.  Several suggestions were made: ET, The Thing, Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, Blade Runner, Tron – 40th anniversary of all these movies.  If you have other suggestions, bring them to the next meeting or contact Kevin directly.

Someone has donated 100 miniature fantasy figures to OH!CON. James has volunteered to prepare these for a painting session at OH!CON.

A suggestion has been made to set up a group contact so that we can keep in touch more easily. We will get something organised and running before the next meeting.

Hereward is going to pursue Neil Gaiman.

Suggestion of possibly filming some short promo videos to post online in advance of OH!CON

P&J are interested in covering OH!CON.


To control numbers and to get an idea of how many people come to OH!CON, admission will be ticketed. This will be for the main venue (the Town Hall) as well as individual talks, workshops and activities.

We talked about whether they should be free or sold. Although people commit far more to events they have paid for, due to the complications of setting up an account now we decided to make tickets free this year. If OH!CON is successful, we will charge in future years.

We will have collecting buckets on the door and invite people to make a donation to charity (3 charities nominated in previous meeting).

A certain number of places will be held back and available on the day itself, allowing for people to take the place of people who have pre-booked but not then attended.

We are investigating eco-friendly wristbands for ticket holders. These could be available to collect in advance (probably from Stornoway Library). 

Kathleen will set up OH!CON page on Eventbrite.

Aiming for tickets to ‘go live’ on 1 October 2022.


As discussed previously, cosplay is an important part of the event. We will hold two competitions/masquerades - under 16’s and 16 and over.

We will need some rules/guidelines for the masquerade. Shivonne has volunteered to work on these.


We’ve had a lot of interest from artists wanting to display art at OH!CON.

Agreed that we’ll ask for all submissions to be suitable for a family audience.

There’ll be a gallery as well as an opportunity for artists who want to talk or draw live at the event.

We may be able to award prizes for the best pieces on display - we’ll check if Gary, Tanya or Etienne would be happy to act as judges for this.

Heather has put out a call for artists on social media and we’ve added guidelines for artists to the website.