Meeting notes (23 June)

Date and venue

Our original plan was to use the Town Hall as the main venue. Unfortunately, we heard back from them that it was already booked by someone else for the dates we wanted. 
We discussed this at the meeting and the sport hall was suggested as a possible alternative.
Since the meeting, we’ve contacted them, but the rental charge would be beyond the budget we have available.
So, although we’d prefer to run OH!CON on 1 October, we’re going to have to push it back a few weeks to 29 October. 
We’ve booked the Town Hall for that date.

Other stuff

We discussed some further suggestions:

  • There is someone in Inverness who hires a DeLorean time machine (the car from Back to the Future) for events. If they attended, they’d need a secure garage overnight. Does anyone know of something suitable in the Stornoway area?
  • There is a possible contact for someone who does special effects makeup/prosthetics.
  • Gary Ross-Jordan: Interactive game book (“chose your own adventure”) experience
  • Everyone felt that cosplay was an important element of the event, so need to promote/run related activities. May need changing facilities.
  • Minecraft sessions, either on a local network at one of the venues or though a rented server online (allowing for wider participation)
  • Nerf modding. (We’re still following up on nerf wars sessions).
  • Swap shop for comics/books/games
  • Charity auction (but would need suitable items to auction)
  • Streaming/recording of the event. Recordings would be easier, but streaming may allow people to attend virtually.
There isn’t going to be budget to do them all, so we’ll need to whittle down the list in the next few weeks. If you have particular favourites or ones that you think are important to include, let us know at the next meeting or drop us a line.