Meeting notes (27 July)

Updates since the last meeting

The Town Hall has been booked for 29 October (also before and after for set up and clear up). We’ll try to arrange a time in the next few weeks when anyone who is interested can come along to get an idea of size/layout . 
We’ve booked the first guests: 
  • Ben Aaronovitch. Author of the bestselling ‘Rivers of London’ series (novels and comics), he has also written for Dr Who, Blake’s 7. 
  • Tanya Roberts and Gary Chudleigh: Comic artist and writer. Have worked together on Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles for BHP Comics. 
Ben, Tanya and Gary were all guests from the cancelled OH!CON in 2020. 
Also booked are Magic Torch Comics who will run a series of workshops in schools across the islands in the week leading up to OH!CON. The result will be a physical/online comic The Superheroes of the Hebrides
Martin has located a garage suitable for the DeLorean. Callum checking DeLorean costs. 
Pursuit Hebrides can rent us a nerf range and/or arrange a nerf tournament - £160 per 90-minute session. We could possibly book the Bridge Centre for this? 
The Earth Dies Screaming – DVD purchased for cult movie screening in the week before OH!CON. Still need to check licensing for this. 
To be confirmed: 
  • DC Thompson talk on The Beano
  • A table/area for games design and/or robotics/fun tech stuff.
  • Warhammer/miniatures workshop
  • Zombie/superhero makeup
  • Local authors

Things to do


We have some budget left for guests. We need someone to MC (cosplay events/auctions etc) and another person to give a talk and workshop. 
Options include: 
ACTION: Let us know which two of these artists you prefer. Or if you have an alternative suggestion. 

OH!CON logo

We have some draft designs which could be used for t-shirts etc. You can see these in the attached PDF. 
ACTION: Let us know which designs you prefer. It’s fine to like elements from several designs (for example, if you like the strap line from one but the layout or font from another) or to suggest alternatives. We'll try to work up your preferred designs into final versions in time for for the next meeting. 

Press release

OH!CON is a little over three months away, so we want to start getting some publicity out there. We’ll draft a press release for the next meeting with the intent of sending it out shortly after that. It’d be great if we could get a photo of us all to go with this. We’ll bring a camera - if you want to bring costumes or props, that’d be incredible. (You can change at the library - no need to turn up in cape/space helmet/rubber monster suit etc unless you particularly feel the urge.) 
ACTION: Come along on Wednesday 27, 6pm (note - the next meeting is one day earlier than normal), optionally with costumes/props, for a photo call. 
Needless to say, being in the photo will be entirely optional, so do come to the meeting anyway - we won’t force anyone to be in front of the camera! 


We’d like OH!CON to support some charities. We’ll potentially have donation buckets on the door, but we’re also thinking of a raffle and/or a charity auction. 
ACTION: Nominate charities you think we should support - we won’t necessarily be able to support all suggestions (depending on how many are nominated). 
If you have suggestions of organisations we could contact for donations/prizes, let us know. 


It’s going to take quite a few people to run OH!CON successfully. We’ll be putting out some publicity to encourage more people to join us and get involved. 
ACTION: Spread the word! If you have friends, family, neighbours who may be interested do let them know about us.