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Will there be cosplay at this year's OH!CON? Indeed there will be!

Anyone who wants to can come in costume (including you, sir – you'd look splendid in a robotic exoskeleton). You can come as a character from comics, games, manga/anime, film, television, or even a character of your own creation. Surprise us!

Whilst you're welcome to just mingle with the crowd and impress your fellow OH!CON attendees, we'd love you to enter the cosplay masquerade competitions – there'll be two; one for people aged up to 15 and families and one for anyone aged 16 years or over. Glory will be heaped on the owners of the winning costumes and there could even be prizes!

And for those last minute costume disasters, repairs and alterations, there'll be a fully equipped cospital at OH!CON.

Cosplay guidelines

To make sure that everyone enjoys themselves, there are a few guidelines:

  • OH!CON is a family event, so please make sure your costume is suitable for all age groups.  Avoid wearing anything potentially offensive or inflammatory.
  • Think about your and other attendee’s safety. Make sure your costume and props can't bash, trip, poke, cut, explode, implode, vaporise or otherwise hurt attendees in any way. In particular, watch out for sharp edges and pointy corners – OH!CON may get crowded and these things hurt!
  • If your costume includes a prop weapon such as a sword or a gun, please keep it in a bag or other suitable container until you are inside the venue. Real weapons and props that can fire projectiles are strictly forbidden (no matter how cool you think they look).

In short, make sure your costume is safe and don't go out of your way to shock or offend people. We want everyone to enjoy the day, so if you are in any doubt on any of the guidelines, please check before choosing your costume by emailing us at beammeup@ohcon.info.

IMPORTANT! We reserve the right to deny entry, withdraw access, or cancel tickets if, in our opinion, your costume or props don't meet the guidelines.

Do I have to come in costume?

No, absolutely not – feel free to wear your favourite nerd t-shirt instead or just  come as you are.

If I come in costume, do I have to enter the masquerade?

No. Only enter the masquerade if you want to.

What should I know for a top-class cosplay experience?

  • Do follow our cosplay guidelines - we'd hate to prevent anyone from entering OH!CON because their costume wasn't acceptable.
  • Make sure your costume is comfortable to wear – try it out at home before coming to OH!CON. Costumes that are too hot, too tight or that restrict your vision can become tiring to wear real quickly.
  • If you're entering the cosplay masquerade competition, the judges will be looking for costumes that show imagination and creativity. Clever and interesting homemade costumes will score well. If you have a shop-bought costume, adding your own modifications, enhancements and finishing touches will increase your score.
  • Most of all, relax and have fun. Stressing about your costume isn't fun.

Taking photos

Cameras are allowed at OH!CON but, just like in normal life, if you want to take a photo of someone ask their permission first!