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OH!CON 2022: the Outer Hebrides' first comic con!

It was a fantastic day! Superheroes, robots, mighty adventurers and strange creatures roamed through the the streets of Stornoway.

We saw hundreds of people through the door to enjoy talks, workshops, gaming sessions and more.

The day raised over £500 for local charities.


Before the day

In the run up to OH!CON, there were cosplay workshops at the library and An Lanntair ran character design and superhero emblem workshops.

 A screening of 'The Earth Dies Screaming' with a special introduction by Hereward Proops kicked off OH!CON on Thursday.

On Friday, twelve teams pitted their geekiest knowledge against each other in The Big OH!CON Quiz, held at Stornoway Library. A big nerdy well done to Quizzilatiop Over-Thruster – the first OH!CON quiz champions!

And on the day...

There were workshops and talks covering topics from writing and drawing comics, to creating robotics, to the business of games, and the history of the Beano.

Activities included Nerf, LEGO, VR, figurine painting, a pop-up comics library, and green-screen photography.

Gateway Nerds and Western Isles Wargamers ran gaming sessions all day, and UHI designed and provided a unique arcade machine especially for OH!CON.

And there were tons of fabulous costumes – we saw imperial stormtroopers, federation starfleet officers, superheroes, supervillains, hobbits, Daleks, and more.


Last year's guests

We were blessed with an extraordinary set of guests for our first OH!CON – writers, artists, game designers and more. They delivered brilliant talks, workshops, panels and interviews throughout the day.

Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch

Best-selling author of The Rivers of London series.

Chaz Elliott 240

Chaz Elliott

Game industry legend ( Games Workshop, WotC, Warhammer, Magic the Gathering)

Ben Aaronovitch

David Powell

Archives Manager, DC Thomson & Co Ltd.

Etienne Kubwabo

Etienne Kubwabo

Film maker  and comic creator (Beats of War).

Gary Chudleigh

Gary Chudleigh

Comic writer (LEGO, Ninjago, Avengers, Jurassic World)

Jason Quinn

Jason Quinn

Editor, Panini UK (Batman, Spiderman, Ben10)

Paul Bristow

Paul Bristow

Magic Torch Comics

Tanya Roberts

Tanya Roberts

Artist (2000AD, Disney, Dreamworks, Netflix)

Hereward Proops

Hereward Proops

Author (The Sound of Shiant, The Degeneration of Hortensia Phrigg)

Our thanks to...

A huge thank you to our fabulous guests – you were the greatest!

Thanks to everyone who contributed art to the gallery and Scott from Glyph Arts for exhibiting on the day. Massive congratulations to our art competition winners, Ray Hebie and Eva TM!

Thanks too to everyone who entered the cosplay masquerades – we were astounded by the costumes!

And, lastly, thank you if you came along to any of the OH!CON events – your support and enthusiasm made our day!