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How you can help

Fancy helping us plan and run OH!CON? Oh, you lovely person!

We're open to any offers of help, but in case you're not sure what'd be good, here are some ideas.


We're already well into planning this year's OH!CON, but it isn't too late to contribute your ideas or help us make our ideas better. We have a number of planning teams covering everything from games to publicity – they'd love to have your help. Get in touch and get involved!

Or drop in to our next planning meeting: Tuesday 6 June, 6pm at The Bridge Centre, Stornoway.


Do you draw comics, sci-fi, fantasy, manga, game art or similar stuff? We'd love you to show off your talent at OH!CON! 

This year, there'll be a dedicated area for artists where you can display your artwork, meet fans and fellow artists, and even draw live if you want to.

(Oh, and there will be an open gallery and art competition again this year - but more on that later!)


OH!CONversations are short, informal pop-up talks given by fans and enthusiasts. 

Are you really keen on something sci-fi, fantasy, comic or game related? You could be a superfan of Tolkien or Star Trek, a Nerf-modder, really into Stan Lee and Jack Kirby,  design video games, have an interesting prop to show off, or something else entirely.

Whatever your geek-thing is, we'd love you to share your enthusiasm with people in an OH!CONversation. Fancy holding one? Get in touch and we'll weave you into the day.  


We also need lovely people to help out on the day and at some of the events leading up to OH!CON. Setting up, helping run stuff, clearing up, wrangling Daleks. You get the idea. It might not seem glamorous, but it's the most important ingredient of making OH!CON a success.


It's an unfortunate fact, but comic cons cost money to run. We've been lucky to receive funding to cover some of the costs of this year's OH!CON, but if you or your organisation are in a position to provide sponsorship – either general or for a specific part of OH!CON – it will help us deliver a bigger and better event.


If there is another way that you'd like to support OH!CON that we haven't mentioned, let us know. 

How to contact us

You can reach us at beammeup@ohcon.info or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.