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Outer Hebrides Comic-Con: Galactic Travel Guide

Fast-Track Your Journey: Preferred Galactic Routes

Embark on an adventure across the cosmos to the Outer Hebrides, where your journey will feel as epic as the destination. While we haven't mastered teleportation yet, these terrestrial voyages offer their own unique adventures to the Outer Hebrides.

Remember, while our transport methods are bound by Earth's laws, our imaginations are not.

Space Ferries (CalMac) Routes:

  • Warp Speed from Ullapool to Stornoway
  • The Oban Odyssey to Lochboisdale
  • Interstellar Gateway from Skye to Harris

Traveler's Advisory:

  • These services transport Earth vehicles, humanoid passengers, and their canine companions. Pre-booking your passage is crucial to ensure a spot for you and your travel companions.
  • Space voyages are subject to the whims of cosmic storms. It's wise to keep an eye on weather forecasts for any potential adjustments.

Galactic Communications and Timetable Consultations:

  • Plot your course and pre-book at
  • For inquiries or assistance, use the communications frequency: 0800 066 500 or +44 (0)1475 650 397 for intergalactic callers.

Inverness Shuttle Services (Bus Links)

  • Departing from the Inverness Spaceport to Ullapool Dock, these shuttles are synchronized with the ferry's timetable, ensuring no traveler is left behind.
  • Scottish Citylink Coaches operates the main fleet, ready to transport you from Inverness Bus Terminal to Ullapool Ferry Terminal. In the event of a ferry delay, shuttles wait, maintaining the connection. Overflow of passengers triggers the deployment of additional shuttles, so fear not if your shuttle appears full.
  • For passage, communicate via: 0141 352 4444 or navigate to

Docking for Starships (Visiting Yachts)

In the heart of the galaxy—well, Stornoway, to be precise—Stornoway Port Authority provides prime central docking for personal spacecrafts. Whether you're piloting a sleek star cruiser or a humble space dinghy, you'll find a spot to anchor in the vivid center of it all.

Establish Communication:

  • To claim your spot, communicate with the Dockmaster: 01851 702688.
  • Alternatively, beam over your docking application by clicking here

Cosmic Carpool (Liftshare)

Air Cruisers (Loganair)

  • Regular voyages from major launchpads: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Manchester.
  • For tickets, visit or communicate via: 0344 800 2855.

Planetary Transit (Local Transport)

  • Comprehensive service connecting all corners of the islands.
  • For further exploration, contact: 01851 704327 or chart your course through Local Bus Timetables.

Prepare for Landing at the Outer Hebrides!
Ensure your spot at this majestic gathering by booking your journey across the galaxy in advance. Safe travels! We can't wait to welcome you.