Fancy being part of OH!CON? Oh, you are a star!

We need lovely people to help out on the day and at some of the events leading up to OH!CON.

As a volunteer, you will get the opportunity to be part of a wonderful team of fellow nerds, and help us make OH!CON a success (and possibly the start of an annual event).

Depending on your age, you will be slotted into one of two categories of volunteers:

  • Hobbits: for volunteers aged 12 to 15 years. You'll need permission from a parent or guardian. 
  • Elves: for volunteers aged 16 years+

Volunteer roles

Here are the things we really need:

Pre and post preparations

Setting up of the Town Hall on Friday 28 October. This includes, setting up tables, equipment and the artists gallery. Clear up will take place on Monday 31 October.


On the day, we need people to help with the events and activities, as well as with house-keeping tasks like taking tickets and looking after the backstage area. 

Guest liaison

We have guests and speakers who will need help finding venues, setting up their talks and activities and so on.

First aiders

We need qualified first aiders to be available throughout the day at the Town Hall.

What you'll commit to

We'll ask you to attend a volunteers meeting on Wednesday 27 October.

We'll rota you to complete at least one 2-hour shift on Saturday 29 October (if you are happy to do more - great!). We'll try to match you with what you are interested in – we can't guarantee we'll be able to fit you with your first choice, but we will make sure you are happy with what you're asked to do.

We'll also need help before and after the day for preparations and clean-up (so let us know if you'd be happy to do this too). 

If you want to attend a particular event or activity at OH!CON make sure to book a ticket for it (tickets will be free) and let us know so we can make sure you aren't on the rota for something else at the same time.

What we'll provide 

Unfortunately, we can't offer you much other than thanks (and we really are grateful for your help!) and the opportunity to be part of this great event. We won’t be able to provide travel expenses, but we will be providing refreshments for volunteers on duty.

How to volunteer

Please complete a Volunteer Application Form (Word doc) and return to us by Saturday 8 October 2022.

Questions? Want to talk to someone about volunteering? Contact us at beammeup@ohcon.info